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Connecting Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Software CEO (TBSC) group was created to merge Tampa Bay’s top leaders in technology. Together, TBSC members collaborate, share ideas, and discover innovative ways to partner. Tampa Bay is a great location for up-and-coming techies. It’s a diverse, vibrant, and attractive location for people of all ages. TBSC strives to promote the area, not only to attract top talent, but to emphasize Tampa Bay’s growing potential to be the next technology hub in America.

Who We Are

TBSC brings together the senior leaders in technology. As a part of Tampa Bay Tech, we strive to make our industry and our community a better place.

Why We Meet

Establish a

Collective Voice

TBSC provides a place for business owners to collaborate and share ideas. During these meetings, TBSC members discuss the challenges of tech in Tampa Bay. Peers have an opportunity to share mutual problems and uncover solutions. With an emphasis on the growing technology landscape in Tampa Bay, the group advocates for high tech businesses and promotes Tampa as the next big tech hub.


Top Talent

TBSC connects top talent to innovative businesses. Tampa Bay is a rapidly growing technology hub offering bright students and skilled professionals alike a welcoming place to call home. Members of TBSC offer students and local professionals insight into the high tech industry in Tampa Bay. These experienced pool of local professionals are eager to learn, grow, and provide value.

Encourage Collective Philanthropy

Tampa Bay is full of worthy causes for investment and funding. TBSC brings tech startups and entrepreneurs together with groups of angel donors and funding resources. TBSC helps Tampa Bay startups by providing the connections and resources they need to thrive and achieve success in the marketplace.

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Seng Sun

CEO, SunView Software, Inc.

“Through our

combined efforts, we

can make a broad

and meaningful

impact in our sector

and put Tampa Bay

on the map.”